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The EXPO Eco-Money center
EXPO 2005 ended on Sep 25th.
Thank you so much for coming a lot.

The EXPO Eco-Money center provides the following. Please visit the center:

[About operation for the end]
-Point issue inside the site
End on September 24th.
-Point exchange
End at 19:00 September 25th.

Please cooperate.

[Introduction and explanation of EXPO Eco-Money]
An exhibition area is provided for the introduction of the EXPO Eco-Money and the Q&A sessions.
[Check points gained by eco-activities at EXPO 2005 AICHI, JAPAN.]
[Introduction and explanation of the EXPO Eco-Money]
[Approval of points gained by off-site eco-activities /exchange of approved points with EXPO Eco-Money]
[Application for prize competition by using EXPO Eco-Money / Exchange with eco-products]
Your points collected through eco-activities can be changed into the EXPO Eco-Money at the counter for EXPO Eco-Money Point Exchange/ Application for Prize Competition/Product Exchange, after you fill in your points in the "Eco-action sheet". By using your accumulated EXPO Eco-Money, you can apply for the prize competition and/or exchange with eco-products.
[Reception and orientation for pre-booked on-site eco-tours and rallies]
An orientation space is provided for eco-tours and the like that start from the EXPO Eco-Money center.
[You can also donate the points which remain unused to the prize competition.A commemorative sticker will be attached to the the Notice board "Tree of acorns".]

The EXPO Eco-Money center is situated at "Global Common 3."

[ Opening time ]
March 25th - April 25th 11:00 - 20:30
April 26th - September 24th 11:00 - 21:00
September 25th 11:00 - 19:00

"Tree of acorns"
(It will be expanded if a picture is clicked.)
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